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Metallurgical analysis reveals the condition and makeup of your materials with macro, micro and SEM examinations. These analyses reveal microstructure, processes performed on the material during manufacture and whether or not the materials meet the required specification(s) to ensure durability in the intended use.

Al Engineers Test Labs has accredited metallurgical labs at all of our facilities, staffed with knowledgeable engineers and technicians who are trained and ready to evaluate your materials

Unless your sample is prepared with skill, accurate analysis of the base metal or alloy may not be possible, or lead to imprecise results.

Our dedicated team of engineers, PhD’s and highly-trained lab technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment, advanced polishing techniques and decades of experience.  Al Engineer’s metallurgical lab staff can get you the images and data you need on even the most challenging samples.  See our specialty preparation list below, or call us today to talk about your project with one of our metallurgists.

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