Non destructive testing, Destructive testing, Ropeways Design Consultancy, Wire Rope-NDT & Inspection Certified Welding Inspector, Training Services-ASNT level-III, Welder Training& Certification, NABL/BIS lab set up, Machining & Fabrication, Calibration Services.

Al Engineering Services is a leader in both standardized and custom full-scale testing in force, load, fatigue, temperature, pressure, torque, noise, and vibration. With more than square feet of laboratory space and a large inventory of advanced testing equipment, we can simulate a wide range of operational conditions for a variety of industries, applications and materials.




  • 1. Ropeway Inspection, operation and Consultancy.
  • 2. NABL/BIS Audit Consultancy.
  • 3. Training and Certification NDT ASNT Level-II and Destructive Testing.
  • 3.Third Part Inspection.
  • 4. Welding Consultancy for fabrication projects.
  • 5. H.T & L.T, Electrical Works.
  • 6.Suppliers of all types of Electrical spares Carbon Brush, Slips Rings, Connection Plate, MCCB, Contactors, Relays, ACB, VCB, and Transformers Spares, Insulators (HT & LT) etc.
  • 7.Specialized services for DC Motors/Alternators.
  • 8.Oil Dehydration and Filtration of Transformer oil.
  • 9.Transformers and Turbines both


Testing Services –


Non Destructive Testing

Metallurgical tests of Metals

Mechanical Testing

Chemical Testing




Pressure Gauges

Measuring Instruments

Force and Power Instruments

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